Ear Hook Microphones

Professional ear hook microphones from Micronic include beige and black colour dual double and single ear-hook head worn microphones. They all offer excellent frequency response with reliable performance. Industry standard sound quality - extremely intelligible natural audio for stage, television, film, singers, lecturers, guides and houses of worship. These professional high quality microphones are made of rugged lightweight steel designed to meet the challenges of day-to-day use in entertainment, production and theatre settings including demanding sports / aerobics purposes. Great for vocal performances and hands-free operation in the sports, journalism, event organizers, transportation, warehousing and restaurant industries where actions are demanded whilst being able to speak into a microphone freely and comfortably. Inconspicuous headsets ideal for applications that require minimum visibility and maximum comfortability. The ergonomic under ear design is flexible and adjustable, their loops hook behind the ear for a secure and comfortable fit with or without glasses. A foam windshield is included with each microphone to minimise any 'popping' sound when rubbed against any surface.
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