3.5mm Gold TRRS Jack Professional Cardioid Lapel Microphone 1m-10m cable
3.5mm Gold TRRS Jack Professional Cardioid Lapel Microphone 1m-10m cable
3.5mm Gold TRRS Jack Professional Cardioid Lapel Microphone 1m-10m cable
3.5mm Gold TRRS Jack Professional Cardioid Lapel Microphone 1m-10m cable
3.5mm Gold TRRS Jack Professional Cardioid Lapel Microphone 1m-10m cable

3.5mm Gold TRRS Jack Professional Cardioid Lapel Microphone 1m-10m cable

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Due to huge popularity and demand we offer this low-cost smartphone lavalier microphone. High quality cable lengths from 1 to 30 metres with gold 3.5mm TRRS 4 pole jack plug and metal clip microphone. We have produced this high quality 'professional' microphone at little expense. Producing a far superior and exceptionally high-quality sound compared to lower budget versions. Available in different lengths and 'Standard' Omni-directional 360º pick up or 'Cardioid' Uni-directional (heart shaped) pick up pattern. 

It looks feels and sounds fantastic and will not be disappointed. This supreme quality miniature tie clip microphone is compatible with all Apple iPod, iPhone & iPad devices. It is also compatible with all Android / Window smartphones and tablets with 3.5mm headset socket. Very useful for recording meetings / seminars without having to hold your iPod / phone in your hand all the time. It has become very popular for improving the audio on video recording apps where the subject is too far from the internal microphone. It also proves to be great for discreet / secret recording too. 

Only 7mm in diameter made of solid metal alloy that is light and strong. Making it one of the strongest, smallest and lightest microphones available. The most popular of its kind with super sensitive pick up range and high-quality sound at an incredible price. Quality this good just cannot be beaten - anywhere. 


Item model/part number: GITC/C-GITC

Directivity: Omni 360º and Cardioid Unidirectional  
Connector type: 3.5mm gold TRRS metal jack plug 
Black metal alloy microphone head enclosure 
7mm diameter miniature lavaliere tie clip microphone  
Microphone Device type: Back Electret Condenser 
Cable type: Screened 2mm diameter 
Sensitivity: -38dB/³bar (Open Circuit) 
Frequency response: 50Hz - 18kHz 
Length / Height, external: 10mm 
Durable & comfortable to wear 
Voltage supply DC: 1.5v - 10v 
Microphone diameter: 7 mm 
Transducer Function: Sound 
Perfect for speech / vocal 
Removable metal tie clip 
Cable length: 1-30 metres 
Impedance: 1.5K Ohm 
Colour, base: Black 
Overall Weight:15g-200g 

The cardioid microphone is so named because of its pattern of sensitivity, which is roughly shaped like a heart when drawn out on an axis. This means most of the sound a cardioid microphone picks up comes from the front of the mic, while minimal noise is picked up from the rear and only marginal noise is picked up from the sides. This type of sensitivity pattern makes the cardioid microphone useful in a myriad of situations, including but not limited to situations in which several mics are being used at the same time, live performances, interviewing acting etc. The cardioid microphone is designed to pick up one sound well, with other ambient noises fading into the background. A cardioid microphone is particularly useful for live sound recording, such as concerts. It can also be used as a vocal mic for presentations, public address, and other situations that require a vocal mic. The cardioid microphone is also a good choice for recording concentrated sounds such as singing vocals and instruments. Other situations in which a cardioid microphone may be used include household applications, such as online chat (skype, msn etc). The microphone picks up primarily the speaker's voice while eliminating other ambient noise, such as background conversation & television. 
The omnidirectional microphone picks up sound equally in all directions including from behind. In general, they are more sensitive and pick up more sound overall. However, in many situations this may be over bearing and background noise can be a problem. For general purpose use where the sound can come from any direction then omnidirectional are a better choice. 

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