Kimafun KM-G100 Wireless 2.4gHz Omnidirectional Headset Microphone Transmitter / Receiver

Kimafun KM-G100 Wireless 2.4gHz Omnidirectional Headset Microphone Transmitter / Receiver

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The 'Kimafun' KM-G100 2.4gHz wireless microphone is perfect to use with most audio equipment. It has everything needed to connect and set up a wireless microphone in seconds. A black head worn headset omnidirectional microphone and 2.4gHz transmitter / receiver. Each set has its unique coded transmitter/receiver and only works with the headset supplied. It is possible to use with other units at the same time without interference. Receiver has 3.5mm stereo jack plug output and locking 6.35mm screw on adapter. Perfect for use with PC/Laptops, Video cameras, Sound recorders, PA loudspeaker systems, Mixer/mixing desks and most other types of audio/video equipment. Both units have built in 3.7v / 500mAh Lithium battery that lasts 6 hours taking only 1 hour to recharge. Includes micro USB charge lead to connect both units to a single 5v USB phone charger or PC port. Maximum range indoors is 10 metres and 30 metres clear line of sight outdoors. The uni-directional cardioid anti-feedback microphone is 20mm in diameter with foam windshield and only 10mm without. The lightweight headset transmitter is comfortable when worn with on/off switch and adjustable sensitivity. Its unique coding and digital 2.4gHz transmitter produce perfectly clear sound all the time without interference or loss of signal

KWM1 'Kimafun' model
Audio Output - Stereo
Signal adoption rate - 48kHz
Microphone frequency - 20Hz - 20kHz
Connector - 3.5mm locking Jack plug Stereo
Microphone boom - Flexible moisture protected
Microphone shell - High quality with directional ports
Battery - High powered Lithium 500mAh lasting 6 hours
Power protection - PCB circuit board, USB and Lithium battery
Microphone capsule - High quality anti-interference, No frequency drop
Fully Certified license free transmitter CE,ROHS,FCC approved for safe use

Compared to other models
Audio Output - Mono
Signal adoption rate - 10kHz
Microphone frequency - 100Hz - 10kHz
Connector - 3.5mm Jack plug output Mono
Microphone boom - Poor quality with no protection
Microphone shell - Low quality with no dIrectional ports
Battery - Not Included or Low power 200mAh lasting 2 hours
Power protection - PCB circuit board only, Not USB or Lithium battery 
Microphone capsule - Common omni directional, 10kHz frequency drop
Non Certified transmitter / Non Approved for use in direct contact with skin