Kimafun 2.4gHz KM-G150-6 Wireless String Instrument Microphone for Guitar Violin Mandolin

Kimafun 2.4gHz KM-G150-6 Wireless String Instrument Microphone for Guitar Violin Mandolin


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The Kimafun KM-G150-6 Wireless system is a high fidelity string instrument microphone and 2.4gHz transmitter receiver. It is unique and patented so no other microphone has the exact same features. 

Stable signal & clear sound: 2.4Ghz wireless digital transmission, continuous frequency matching, The distance range is within 50ft in an open field without degradation of the audio response, it can work with smart phones / PCs / laptops / voice amplifiers / PA system / cameras / multimedia and more.

Easy charging & portability: The wireless transmitter & receiver can be charged simultaneously from 5v USB charger. It has a working time of more than 6 hours on a full charge. Ultra light weight microphone and transmitter for easy fitting to instrument.

High tech 2.4gHz Wireless mic connects automatically when powered on. With low radiation, low interference, high signal stability, fast transmission, short audio delay (0.02 seconds). At the same time, this frequency of the wireless microphone provides confidentiality, anti-interference ability and loud, clear, high fidelity sound.

Audio Output - True Stereo
Signal adoption rate - 48kHz
Microphone frequency - 20Hz - 20kHz
Connector - 3.5mm locking Jack plug Stereo
Microphone boom - Flexible moisture protected
Microphone shell - High quality with directional ports
Battery - High powered Lithium 500mAh lasting 6 hours
Power protection - PCB circuit board, USB and Lithium battery
Microphone capsule - High quality anti-interference, No frequency drop
Fully Certified license free transmitter CE,ROHS,FCC approved for safe use
KM-G150-2 Versus Other Similar Models
Audio Output - Mono
Signal adoption rate - 10kHz
Microphone frequency - 100Hz - 10kHz
Connector - 3.5mm Jack plug output Mono
Microphone boom - Poor quality with no protection
Microphone shell - Low quality with no dIrectional ports
Battery - Not Included or Low power 200mAh lasting 2 hours
Power protection - PCB circuit board only, Not USB or Lithium battery 
Microphone capsule - Common omni directional, 10kHz frequency drop
Non Certified transmitter / Non Approved for instrument and safety issue's