Weatherproof CCTV Security Camera WiFi 4G LTE Solar Power & Battery
Weatherproof CCTV Security Camera WiFi 4G LTE Solar Power & Battery
Weatherproof CCTV Security Camera WiFi 4G LTE Solar Power & Battery
Weatherproof CCTV Security Camera WiFi 4G LTE Solar Power & Battery

Weatherproof CCTV Security Camera WiFi 4G LTE Solar Power & Battery

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2 Mega pixel 1080p high definition wire free battery and solar powered IP bullet camera with built in DVR. Requires no electricity or wiring for power or video connection and operates 24/7 on battery. Charged by embedded solar panel to keep working constantly even during dull/dark winter days. 8 hour dull daylight is all it requires to keep working all year round. (Additional solar panels are available if used excessively)

3.6mm HD lens with 4x IR LED array built in full colour day/night camera with infra red night vision of 20 metre distance. Built in microphone and speaker supports two way audio to speak from anywhere via your mobile phone.

Built in PIR heat movement sensor controls camera to record and send notifications to phone. Rapid 0.5s response time guaranteed to capture every movement even when running away.

Very Important Notice: We are based in UK and all items are shipped from our UK premises. Camera requires 4x 18650 battery (3.7v 3200mA) high powered lithium battery to operate and not normally included (especially if buying from abroad).


Look below at the simple installation and many different features you get with this camera.

1. download app - uBox to your phone or tablet device by scanning QR code on box or instructions.

2. Open box and remove camera, unscrew bottom panel with screwdriver provided. Inside is battery compartment, USB port, Reset on/off button, AP switch, 4G sim card slot (4g version only) and optional TF microSD memory card slot.

3. Remove protective plastic sleeve on each battery (if included). These will have some charge but may need charging before fully operational. Please note: genuine lithium batteries are expensive (£5 each) we highly recommend using our high powered 3.7v 3200mA 18650 battery. Additional solar panel is available for extra charge if built in solar panel and battery not sufficient when used excessively.

4. Screw on Wi-Fi antenna to rear of camera and insert TF microSD memory card (if required) from 8GB to 64GB maximum (Class 10 high speed minimum requirement). App includes icloud storage service with free trial and small service charge thereafter.

5. Red and Blue LED lights up on front of camera when powered up. To operate camera press and hold reset-on/off button until voice prompt is heard. Blue light only starts flashing ready for pairing camera to phone/tablet. Follow the prompts in app by tapping ‘add a device’. Next tap on setup WiFi device or 4G device. QR code is displayed on phone screen, hold up to front of camera lens to pair up. Voice prompt sounds when pairing is completed.

6. Replace bottom panel with 6x small screws and screwdriver supplied. Make sure they are tight being careful not to over tighten causing damage to screw thread.

7. Mount camera to wall using the bracket, screws and rawl plugs supplied. Observe the viewing angle and position before drilling holes for best result first time.

8. Any firmware updates and app settings can be applied to suit your preference. Standard definition (SD), High definition (HD), Memory card / iCloud storage, image flip, scene mode, detection sensitivity, active time, power frequency, LED indicator and device name.